The international journal of computer game research Simon Dor Strategy in Games or Strategy Games: Dictionary and Encyclopaedic Definitions for Game Studies Strategy in videogames can bear a lot of meanings; so does strategy games. However, definitions of strategy in videogames are not necessarily linked to strategy games, and vice-versa. Strategy definitions can basically be divided in three different categories, depending on what they take into account: iconic, formal, and experiential definitions. Paul Martin The Intellectual Structure of Game Research An invisible colleges approach using keyword analysis and co-citation analysis reveals 4 or 5 distinct communities based on theoretical, topical and methodological distinctions. An historical overview of keywords reveals how these communities have developed between 1966 and 2016. Suggestions are made for collaboration between these communities. David Melhárt Towards a Comprehensive Model of Mediating Frustration in Videogames This article discusses the results of a small-scale qualitative study on player motivation in frustrating scenarios. The study found that players mediate their frustration though moment-to-moment shifts of their motivation from intrinsic to extrinsic while keeping their gameplay level motivation intrinsic and prior interest the same. Gaspard Pelurson Mustaches, Blood Magic and Interspecies Sex: Navigating the Non-Heterosexuality of Dorian Pavus Through an analysis of forum comments about Dorian, this article maps out the unstable politics of gay male representation within the context of contemporary video game culture, before demonstrating that fan art, and more generally transformative works, enables us to move beyond gay representation and ultimately recuperate Dorian as a queer figure. Paweł Grabarczyk SNES - Not so \"Super,\" After All Super Power, Spoony Bards, and Silverware: The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (2017) by Dominic Arsenault. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. ISBN: 9780262036566. 240 pp. Rune Klevjer It’s Not the Violence, Stupid Violent Games: Rules, Realism and Effect (2016) by Gareth Schott. New York: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 9781628925623. 288 pp.