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Paper submission guidelines

How to submit

We welcome submissions dealing with the aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of computer games. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches where the main focus is computer games. Please check out past issues to have a clearer idea of the kind of papers we are interested in. We will only accept previously unpublished material

Game Studies will sometimes advertise call for papers on particular topics, but we are more interested in a continuous flow of submissions that conform to our general focus. We are always working towards the next issues (we are published 3-4 times a year), so you can send your paper any time and we will start the peer review process immediately. All papers will be peer-reviewed by our editorial board. Accepted papers go through a process of proof editing before an agreement on a final version is reached, and authors can be asked to implement changes by the reviewers.

You can email your paper to and the editors will take care of starting the process for you if they decide it is appropriate to Game Studies´ area of study and focus. They will inform you about the opinion of the peer reviewers and also set a deadline for you to do some re-writing if necessary.


Papers should be no longer than 8000 words including footnotes. We accept papers in RTF or simple HTML formats (no CSS, templates, pre-formatted notes, etc.). Images have to be formatted as jpg or gif so as to keep a good quality/compression ratio, and use of other multimedia elements (like a flash plug-in) has to be previously discussed with the editors. Articles containing images or other files have to be sent in one zipped file. Each author is responsible to clear copyright for their use or images or other protected material.

All paper must have a title and contain author information, affiliation, and contact information. If your paper is accepted we will also need a mini-bio to appear together with it.

Style and References

Papers have to be clearly structured according to traditional academic practice. We prefer that your paper follows the MLA guidelines, which you can find in various places, including MLA´s own manuals. There is a useful online guide containing MLA information about format and specially references (including electronic references) at:


All authors retain the rights over their own papers for re-publication (print anthologies, for example), providing Game Studies is properly referenced as the place where the paper was first published. You cannot reproduce the paper online in any other format, and online references to your paper must always point to the Game Studies site. We will maintain your paper in our archives and we will make our best for the papers to be always accessible. Authors are responsible for notifying us of any broken links and we will be happy to make any necessary changes.

Note on the submission of reviews or reports

All the above guidelines apply. Please contact the review editors ( or ) prior to proposing your review.


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